Accepted Papers

Final camera-ready papers should comply with IEEE formatting (8.5"x11", two-column) and NOT exceed 8 pages for full papers and 4 pages for short (poster) papers. To make the paper available through IEEE Xplore, it is mandatory that all authors submit a final PDF file that is compatible with IEEE Xplore. This compatibility is described in IEEE-PDF-SpecV401.pdf. Alternatively, you may use the following job options file to set Adobe Distiller to the correct requirements: After checking the compliance with the IEEE format, they should be uploaded via the submission system.


ICCP 2008 Accepted Full Papers

1 Modeling, Controlling and Adapting Realtime Service Compositions
Heiko Pfeffer, David Linner, Stephan Steglich (de)
8 Tracking of polyhedral objects
Sorin Curila, Cornelia E. Gordan, Mircea Curila (ro)
12 Event Analysis and Interpretation of Human Activity for Augmented Reality-based Assistant Systems
Alexander Bannat, Juergen Gast, Frank Wallhoff (de)
13 Robust Camera Calibration of Soccer Video using Genetic Algorithm
Reza Pourreza, Morteza Khademi, Hamidreza Pourreza, Habib Rajabi Mashhadi (ir)
16 Hierarchical cluster kernels for supervised and semi-supervised learning
Zalan Boda (ro)
17 3D Femoral Bone Approximation in Prosthesed Hip Radiographies
Laura Maria Florea, Constantin Vertan, Corneliu Nicolae Florea (ro)
18 Informal specification-based performance evaluation of security protocols
Bela Genge, Piroska Haller, Iosif Ignat, Ovidiu Ratoi (ro)
23 Global Gabor features for rotation invariant object classification
Ioan Buciu, Ioan Nafornita (ro), Ioannis Pitas (gr)
30 Fluent calculus-based Web service composition - A mapping between OWL-S and fluent calculus
Viorica Rozina Chifu, Ioan Salomie, Emil St. Chifu (ro)
31 Learning, Self-Scheduling TDMA (LeSS-TDMA) for Wireless Sensor Networks
Victor Cionca, Thomas Newe (ie), Vasile Dadarlat (ro)
32 Establishing and Fixing a Freshness Flaw in a Key-Distribution and Authentication Protocol
Reiner Dojen, Ioana Lasc, Tom Coffey (ie)
34 Improving Classification Accuracy through Feature Selection
Camelia Vidrighin, Tudor Muresan, Rodica Potolea (ro)
36 Color Image Segmentation using 3D Tensor Voting and Adaptive Mean Shift Clustering
Jonghyun Park, Gueesang Lee (kr)
38 Adaptive and Robust Road Tracking System Based on Stereovision and Particle Filtering
Radu Danescu, Sergiu Nedevschi (ro)
39 Comparative metric semantics for modern communication abstractions
Eneia Nicolae Todoran (ro)
42 Identity-Based Encryption for Security in Delay Tolerant Networks
Rabin Patra, Sonesh Surana, Sergiu Nedevschi (us)
47 On Clustering based Aspect Mining
Grigoreta Sofia Cojocar, Gabriela (Serban) Czibula (ro)
50 An Eigenspace-Based Approach for Human Fall Detection Using Integrated Time Motion Image and Multi-class Support Vector Machine
Homa Foroughi, Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi, Hamidreza Pourreza (ir)
52 Image Features Detection using Phase Congruency and Its Application in Visual Servoing
Adrian Burlacu, Corneliu Lazar (ro)
54 Periodic Real-Time Data Flows over General Purpose Networks
Ramona Marfievici, Anca Hangan, Gheorghe Sebestyen (ro)
56 Generating Logic-Based Representations for Programs
Calin Jebelean, Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila, Anca Maduta (ro)
57 A Short Term and Long Term Learning Based on Fuzzy Transaction Repository and Feature Re-Weighting
Malihe Javidi, Hamid Reza Pourreza, Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi (ir)
60 Annotation of Concurrent Changes in Collaborative Software Development
Claudia-Lavinia Ignat (fr)
61 Evaluation of Multi-Objective Decentralized Scheduling for Applications in Grid Environment
Florin Pop, Ciprian Dobre, Valentin Cristea (ro)
63 Real-Time Java and Multi-Core Architectures
Vlad Olaru, Anca Hangan, Gheorghe Sebestyen, Gavril Saplacan (ro)
67 A Context Awareness Model Enhanced with Autonomic Features
Ioan Salomie, Ionut Anghel, Tudor Cioara, Mihaela Dinsoreanu (ro)
70 DTNServ: A case for Service Classes in Delay Tolerant Networks
Michael Demmer (us)
71 Off-line Recognition of Handwritten Numeral Strings Composed from Two-digits Partially Overlapped Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Dan Ciresan, Dan Pescaru (ro)
72 The Imagistic Textural Model of the Prostatic Adenocarcinoma
Delia Mitrea, Sergiu Nedevschi, Bogdan Petrut, Ioan Coman (ro)
73 Using Data Aggregation to Prolong the Lifetime of Wide-area Wireless Sensor
Cristian Vasar, Octavian Prostean, Ioan Filip, Iosif Szeidert, Andreea Robu (ro)
74 Forward Collision Detection using a Stereo Vision System
Sergiu Nedevschi, Andrei Vatavu, Oniga Florin (ro)
76 Meta-classifier for Pedestrian Attitude Recognition
Raluca Borca-Muresan, Sergiu Nedevschi (ro)
78 On Using the Hough Transform for Driving Assistance Applications
Valiantsin Hardzeyeu, Frank Klefenz (de)
80 Impact of Coverage Prezervation Technics on Prolonging the Network Lifetime in Traffic Surveillance Applications
Codruta Istin, Dan Pescaru (ro)
82 Observation and Adaptation of a learning session based on a multi-agent system : An experiment
Gligor Calin Loghin (ro), Carron Thiebault, Jean Charles Marty (fr), Mircea Florin Vaida (ro)

ICCP 2008 Accepted Short Papers

5 Intelligent Strategies for Several Zero-, One- and Two-Player Games
Mugurel Ionut Andreica, Nicolae Tapus (ro)
7 Extended Two-Dimensional PCA for Efficient Face Representation and Recognition
Mehran Safayani, Mohammad Taghi Manzuri Shalmani, Mahmoud Khademi (ir)
10 Multi Agent Trust for Belief Combination on the Semantic Web
Miklos Nagy, Maria Vargas-Vera, Enrico Motta (uk)
20 CAPTCHA Systems for Disabled People
Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza, Sajad Shirali-Shahreza (ir)
24 Self-stabilizing Synchronization Algorithms on Oriented Chains
Doina Bein, Ajoy Datta, Lawrence Larmore (us)
28 Visual Tracking with Filtering Algorithms
Botond Attila Bocsi, Lehel Csato (ro)
40 Fault Tolerance Issues in Non-traditional Grids Implemented with Intelligent Agents
Razvan Bogdan, Versavia Ancusa, Mircea Vladutiu (ro)
41 Formal Verification and Implementation of Real Time Operating System Based Applications
Tudor Zaharia, Piroska Haller (ro)
44 Kidney CT Image Segmentation Using Multi-Feature EM Algorithm, Based on Gabor Filters
Sergiu Nedevschi, Anca Ciurte, George Mile (ro)
45 Curb Segments Detection with Temporal Filtering for Urban Driving Scenarios
Florin Ioan Oniga, Sergiu Nedevschi (ro), Marc Michael Meinecke (de)
51 Camera Motion Estimation Using Monocular and Stereo-Vision
Silviu Bota, Sergiu Nedevschi (ro)
53 The use of the medical ontology for a semantic-based fusion system in Biomedical Informatics - Application to Alzheimer Disease
Roxana - Oana TEODORESCU, Cosmin CERNAZANU-GLAVAN, Vladimir - Ioan CRETU (ro), Daniel RACOCEANU (sg)
55 Ontology-Based Distributed Health Record Management System
59 Design and Implementation of a High Quality TRNG in FPGA
Cristian Klein, Octavian Cret, Alin Suciu (ro)
65 Q-learn Argumentation Schemes for Car Sales Dialogues
Adrian Groza (ro)
66 RAP - A Basic Context Awareness Model
Ioan Salomie, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Mihaela Dinsoreanu (ro)
69 Statistical Methods for Automatic Segmentation of Elastographic Images
Sergiu Nedevschi, Cosmin Pantilie, Tiberiu Marita, Sorin Dudea (ro)
79 Object tracking from stereo sequences using particle filter
Catalin Golban, Sergiu Nedevschi (ro)