ICCP2014 > Special session - Semantic technologies in signal processing

Special session

Semantic technologies in signal processing

The session is organized in cooperation with PlanetData EU FP7 project and the Slovenian-Romanian 404/2010 bilateral project.

Multimedia content analysis is usually done at the level of primitive features from which some form of metadata describing the content can be derived. Modeling the metadata with semantics could increase the level of understanding the meaning of a single image or of a sequence of images or could improve the signal analysis task.
The aim of this special session is to gather contributions that show the effectiveness of semantic technologies applied to signal (audio and video) analysis and processing. The contributions should offer a synthetic although clear view of the problem under consideration with a detailed and clear description of the semantic technology and signal processing method that are employed. A comparison between the proposed approach and state-of-the-art traditional techniques should be presented. The achievable scientific goals and advantages should be clearly stated.



  • Topics of the special session include (but are not limited to):
  • Semantics in image understanding
  • Semantics in video understanding
  • Semantics for video surveillance applications
  • Semantics for stream processing

Paper submission: May 1, 2014 (Extended - May 26, 2014)
Please follow the instructions given at the ‘Important dates’ section.

Session chairs: